Jul 13, 2013

In the Wake of the Trayvon Martin verdict...

America Not For Me
By Donita Binford

For the millions who were kidnapped from their homeland
For the hundreds of thousands whose bodies are buried under the oceans
For the enslaved who were whipped and tortured
For the women who were raped
For the men who were emasculated
For the history and culture that was destroyed
For the auctioned fathers,separated mothers, and lost children
For every dark hanging body in the sun
For every dog bite and bruise
For every march and sit in
For the burned bodies of 3 little girls in Alabama
For the mutilated body of a young boy in Mississippi
For the videotaped beatings and the riots that ensue
For every bullet that flies tonight in Chicago
For the sidewalks and cul de sacs in Florida
For every child who dies by violence

Why must we suffer still?

Why are we always at war?

Where is our peace? Where is our justice?

No place is safe for Black skin.

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