Mar 30, 2012

Continue to Love with the Love of God

I've come to learn that finding that someone to be able to share your life with is truly a gift from God that He has ordained and blessed. I find it hard to understand how people can take their spouses for granted especially when we know how hard it is to find true unconditional love in other people these days. It should behoove you even more not to become a statistic and want to love your partner more.

I watched my mother love my father, through sickness, through health, through high pay checks, through unemployment and disability, and through death. And til this day, she never stopped loving him. So I just don't understand... when you do find that someone... that thin opportunity of time that God allows you to see and be with your wife or your husband... why do you spend that little bit of time treating them like crap?
It hurts my heart to see that... realizing that people still don't understand what REAL love is; realizing that people still are not able to translate the feelings they may have in their heart into thoughtful and caring actions. When I see couples, I want to be inspired. I still want to believe that a pure love can exist between a husband and wife when I see them together. I want to know that God is still working in our marriages when I see man and woman together, loving together. I still have hope.

Husbands and wives, God put you together for a reason and the Three of you have some work to do. Continue to love with the love of God.

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