Apr 16, 2012

Endure Til the End (Freestyle Poem)

It's 2:41 am right now. And I'm thinking.

Thinking about the world. Thinking about America. Thinking about the people. My people. Black people.

Why should "they" care about "us"?
Do "we" even care enough about "us"? 

Will we continue the fight?

Arrested. Charged. Not yet convicted.

Justice has not yet been served... yet I hear a lesser roar from the crowds.
I don't feel that  heat, that electricity that we were pumping through the circuits of America just a week ago...

What happened?
Have we been "appeased"?
Have our protests been "justified" now and we can all go back home to sit on our couches to wait?
Or will we continue to stand...

Stand for Trayvon. Stand with the South Side of Chicago. Stand with Black Boys and Black Men. Stand with Black Girls and Black Women.

Will we keep our Black fists balled tight and feet planted on the ground...

What shall we do?

No Justice. No Peace.

No peace without justice.

I wonder. I hope.

We can... We will...


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