Mar 17, 2012

Are we "being" the church or just "having" church?

One word can change the meaning of your purpose. There is a difference between "having" and "being". Are we the church or are we just having church?

I think that is one of our biggest issues to overcome as the Christian church of the present time, we are just stepping into acting roles. What we perceive to be worship is has been mutated an opportunity to dress up and perform for other people. We glorify ourselves more than God. We may lift up our hands, but inwardly our hearts and minds are not focused on Jesus Christ. We come to church service expecting good music, a moment to cut a step, an exciting uplifting word, but all the while we rarely encounter God. We're "having" this church, but we are ineffective! We lack power as one body! We wonder why there is still sickness and demonic possession in the church, but we just "had" church... everything should be okay now, right?
Are we just coming to engage in the social/corporate aspect of the church culture or are we active participants in the learning, teaching, work, and service of Body of Christ inside and outside of the church building?

For me, the church is failing when it comes to teaching people to go out and become disciples of Christ through prayer, evangelism, service. Instead we've been promoting what sounds like, feels like, and looks like church: how to dress, how to act, how to "shout", when to clap, when to play that certain note on the organ, when to be quiet, how to speak in tongues (yeah I said it), how to look like your "having" church. There's so much more to the worship lifestyle experience, yet we minimalize it to one day of the week for a few hours and call that church.

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