Jan 18, 2012

Flowers at my Door

So last night when I arrived  home from work, there was a package at my doorstep.... flowers!

Hmmm... who could those have come from?

First thought... my mom. She does sweet things like that.

But why is the package open?
I'm a lil' scurred...

Then I read the address... Apt. A? I live in B. Oh but the A is scratched out.

My mom must've put the wrong apartment...

Let me read the note here: "Your secret admirer neighbor would like to have dinner/lunch and conversation with you."

Oh wow!
Let's look at these things.... I'll be surprised if they're my favorite roses...

OMG! They are!

How did he know????

Should I be flattered?

I know I feel flustered...

Ack! He wants me to get back with him with an answer!


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