Jan 19, 2012

Article: "Are You a Socially Awkward Black Girl?"

Here's an article of  one Black woman's personal account of being a socially awkward. I can totally relate. I've always felt awkard in social situations. Even though I could have been considered "popular" in high school, I never understood exactly how that worked out. I don't know if my goofy jokes or saracastic revelations that make people attracted to me or not. I'm no dimepiece (not in my eyes I'm not)... but I am cute... like a teddy bear... maybe that's why people want to hug me... I really don't appreciate that though... that's really an uncomfortable.

Touching... not my thing. Talking to men face to face... not adept. Telling funny stories where people actually laugh... hit and miss.

Feeling accepted everywhere I go... impossible.

I'm too awkward. But that's okay. I like me.

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