Jul 17, 2010

Still Single

I've been single now for 5 years. It's been mostly good. I enjoy having my time to myself. Not having to share myself. Doing what I want.

As I get older though, I feel the pulls and pains of loneliness. It gets very hard some days to come home and then lay down by yourself. Sometimes you want to have that satisfaction after a long day at work to know that someone is at home supporting you and loving you no matter what.

I'm not in anticipation of being married or anything, but being in a relationship would just be a nice change now. I'm like Al Green right now, "I'm so tired of being alone, I'm so tired of own my own".

I've tried dating sites. Nothing.
Tried Church. Nothing.
Clubs. Nothing.
Waiting. Nothing...yet.

People hate on me when I make my status on Facebook about my being single and wanting to date, but hey why not?! No one seems to notice anyway.

I'm not picky. Not at all. I don't take any crap either.

I'm cute. Not drop dead gorgeous, but I'm attractive.

I don't know the reasons why. I don't even want to try to figure it out. Because I'm just so tired of trying to find a way not to be single. If I have to wait 50 years for the love of my life on Earth, I can wait. I'm patient. I've learned just to wait and not to expect for a shirtless bachelor on a white horse who can change concert tickets into diamonds, jump off water falls, float in the air, and wear jeans in a hot tub on a motorcycle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLTIowBF0kE

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