Jan 20, 2010

My voice was too tired...so I had to type

So I've never been much of a blogger. I've never been able to keep up with things like I desire too. It's just that with so much going on in the world, I can't let this time go pass without my say. Twitter only let's you type 57 letters at a time and the intricate thoughts I have on a daily basis can't be expressed on my status message on Facebook. Although I find that most people have become very clever in fitting what they want to say into these small allotments, I hate using those abbreviated words and punctuation. The most I use is a smiley : ) or a sad face :( .
And even in those cases you have to use the letter d. Why? :D ? That's a colon and letter d. This is a smily face : ) . This is retarded :D.

But I digress....

And I will continue to do so until someone finally listens.

May my words from here on forward go down in internet archive history. Amen.

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