May 18, 2013

Learn and Listen with Wisdom

I have these eloquent thoughts in my mind sometimes and when I finally get down to my computer to express them here, I either can't remember or I can't translate them into words.

Those are the times I know God is speaking to me and only me. And the wisdom that He is imparting is for me at that moment and for the rest of the world at an appointed time.

It is  not a good thing to share everything you know. Some people are so anxious and needy for attention, the first moment they hear something they didn't hear before, they need to go and tell everybody about it.

Sometimes we all need to sit down and process what is really being said and going on when we hear the things we hear.

Processing means we have to take the time and understand. Either by asking questions, doing research, or putting other background information together to come to a competent conclusion.

We need to have patience with each other. We should be able to actively listen to one another where each person feels that they have been heard.

We all need help or will need help at some point in our lives and there will be a point when we will need to cry out for someone to help us. Let's learn to listen with wisdom so when we are needed we will know what to do.

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