Sep 29, 2012

Your Steps are Ordered by God

When I feel like my life is spiriling in a direction that I can't control, I remember this song by Fred Hammond.

Your Steps are Ordered
By Fred Hammond

Every step of a righteous man

Is ordered by God


Though you may not know his mind

He will reveal it all in time

Just know till then

Your steps are ordered by God

When it feels like the mountains to high

And your tired of the climb

When it feels like my patience is frustrated with time

I depend on the spirit

To gently remind

When my faith is challenged

And my vision is obscured

When I'm hanging on by a thread

And my footings unsure

I hear in the spirit

One word to help me endure

And it says ordered

Ordered, Ordered, Ordered

Before the world was framed

Ordered, Ordered, Ordered

Before the whole world was framed

Ordered, Ordered, Ordered

Through the fire

Through the flood

When life takes you through winding turns

Ordered, Ordered, Ordered

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